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A lifetime of musical passion and experience
A lifetime of musical passion and experience
A lifetime of musical passion and experience

BRAVO!!! Bloody spectacular!! I love the simplified intro, and every variation blends perfectly! i particularly like the waltz rendition the best! fantastic job sir, you are outstanding! Thank you SO much!!!
Blaine does audio masterfully and sings beautifully.
Hands down the most dedicated, passionate and productive musical genius. When experience meets versatility and productivity, you get the marvel that is Blaine Selkirk. Not to mention it's all at such a great price! I didn't think quality could come at such a great price! well done.
By far THE best composer here. His work is unparalleled and his pricing is the best, not just here, but on the whole web. This guy works and works and works, and boy does he get results. Perfect for scoring a short film but still versatile enough to tackle any project and give it his all.
Really professional, delivers on time and very pleased with the result. I will work with again for sure. Thank you sooo much!!!!
AWESOME! AWESOME! JOB! you more than delivered, and is a pleasure to work with! EXCELLENT Quality work, i HIGHLY recommend you!!!
I love it! And the VO rocks -- that's commitment on the delivery: you're great!!! :) A++ thanks, so much!!!
Blaine Knocked it out of the park. I may have trouble finding how far he actually hit it!
Excellent quality, very professional and beautiful song:
Excellent work; a very professional piece. Thanks for all the effort, it will work perfectly.
He created a fantastic track for my company! Everyone loved the song! Would definitely do business again!
Blaine is a great guy to work with, I would highly recommend him for any serious music gig.
DUDE!!! THIS SOUNDS SO REAL!!! I absolutely am thrilled by this!!! Seriously It sound like something right out of the 40's! The German is spot on!! Also Can I have the instrumental version as well? I want to use that as an underscore/ Credits theme! AWESOME JOB!!!
What an upgrade to my song! Blaine came through with some choice parts that uplifted the production to a new level.
Excellent work. Quick and thorough. Rare unique talent for syncing audio and creating musical parodies.
amazing Music guy, delivered best quality, exceeded expectations, Surely recommended for any Music work...
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© 2009 Ancient Sun Studios
© 2009 Ancient Sun Studios
Great Seller! Exceeded my expectations and delivered on time. I would highly recommend his work to everyone. Will definitely use him for future work!
LOVE IT! definatly worth the wait! I love the "Hey!" at the end! Perfect for the intro! Thank you SOOO much! I'll link you the channel once I finish all the prep work! and of course you'll be in the credits! Thanks again!
Blaine is a solid musician/composer with a strong work ethic and superior customer service. His quick responses and open-mindedness to my project allowed for a smooth purchase process! I will definitely use his services for future projects!!
Dear Blaine, thank you very much!!! You did an awesome work!! I will surely use anything! So, you are already a part of the future album and I highly appreciate your efforts!
5 stars ***** Wow!!! This are awesome. A truly fantastic sound. I am thrilled with everything. I highly recommend this to ALL!!!! Thanks
Wow, wow, wow!!! Just amazing... Blaine you are the best!
Brilliant Backing Vocals...
Wow!!!... you did a wonderfully great job... you nailed this.. Thanks so much and for the encouraging words. I ll surely be back for more.
Sweet smooth harmonies. I'm a big fan!!
Wow what a super creative and wonderful backing arrangement Many thanks!