I compose in many different styles, moods, energies, and instumental/vocal focus. My experience as a musical director for Second City Comedy, along with over 3000 recording sessions as a keynoardist, singer, composer, arranger, producer, engineer, and MIDI programmer gave me the experience in the art of setting music to picture. Make your video visuals POP with a "conducted cue" soundtrack. Contact me to discuss the many ways I can enhance your project.
Ancient Sun Studios
"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep"    ...cartoonist SCOTT ADAMS
A lifetime of musical passion and experience
A lifetime of musical passion and experience
A lifetime of musical passion and experience
1  waah   2 nocturne mariele    3 faster   4 look out behind you   5 lookin' at nothin'   6 make the play   7 phil's uphill climb   8 no minutes   9 found and flee   10 sneeky pete   11 surfin' on the river   12 this just in
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TV scores, News themes
Station ID packages
Sports and action tracks
Indie and student film scores
Internet, Youtube, Explainers,
Game tracks, Binaural beats
Original comedy satire and parody
(social and political comment)
I Am theTuneDoctor

From bed tracks to overdubs multi-part, multi-layered vocal harmonies.

I'll work with you to give your song a professional musical  gloss. Contact me for price and possibilities.
© 2009 Ancient Sun Studios
© 2009 Ancient Sun Studios