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"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep"    ...cartoonist SCOTT ADAMS
A lifetime of musical passion and experience
A lifetime of musical passion and experience
A lifetime of musical passion and experience
my lifetime:

• Over 40 years professional experience in the music and entertainment industry

•Over 3000 recording sessions as a Composer, Arranger, Piano/Keyboards/Drums session player, live/session Singer, Producer, Engineer, Audio Post for television, and MIDI programmer

•Ex-Musical Director at Second City Comedy. 12 revues and 1000 performances.

•Composer of Radio and TV ad tracks, Station ID packages, corporate video-Youtube- explainers-parody songs, etc.

•Concert performances across Canada, the United States, and Mexico

•Member of jazz quartet performing in Puerto Vallarta MX

•Television acting and series audio post producer in Canada

•Ex-Principal symphonic percussionist

•Associate Member: Audio Engineering Society
blaine selkirk:

Ancient Sun Studios is my private music creation and production facility. I have done over 3000 recording sessions as a keyboard player, singer, songwriter, soundtrack composer, arranger, producer, tune doctor, audio engineer and MIDI programmer.

I use top notch recording gear, exceptional sample libraries/software instruments, and professional DAW programs to produce unique and creative music. I compose in a wide variety of styles and my specialty is 'music to picture'. I currently fulfill custom composing commissions for a worldwide clientele . I have many years experience working with clients and treat will your project with the same respect that you do. In addition, if you need unique keyboard and vocal O/D tracks for your project contact me for a quote. Need MIDI bass and drums? My programming experience will enhance your project.
my services:

•Custom commission soundtracks for every conceivable situation: Student and indie film, epic style trailers, Broadcast scores, Youtube, Explainers, Yoga, meditation, Theta Healing tracks, advertising, small business marketing, Comedy songs- music and lyrics, and much much more.

•Custom commissions for every conceivable situation: film scores, parodies, political and social satire, product marketing, advertising, and more. Film and TV scores negotiated per project after consultation.

•Overdubbing: a host of instrument samples competently played, with musical understanding of most popular styles.

•Vocals: Do you need great sounding multipart harmonies on your song? I do them, also with musical understanding and pro mics.

•Song Production: The Tunedoctor can help you write better songs and make better recordings of those songs. Together we can polish your song and produce a professional project recording of that song. Songwriting is hard. Recording is hard. I'll help raise the standard of your song in a cost effective way. We can work remotely through Skype or Google Hangouts. Before you post it for the world to hear, make sure it's your best effort.
                           This service is work for hire.

valued clients:

The internet has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for service providers like me and potential clients like you. But sometimes it's difficult to know who you're dealing with.


•I promise to be honest and professional throughout the process.

•We will only use trusted and secure pay channels.

•After consultation, if I don't think I'd do a good job for you, I'll tell you up front and wish you all the best with your project.

•Go the extra mile to maintain communication.
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contact me:

If you have any questions or wish to inquire about my service it's best to email me and we can schedule a telephone call or Skype/Google Hangout.

US and Canada: 1.519.513.1024
Click the Google Helpouts icon to schedule a Tune Doctor help session via Google Helpouts, A new two way video channel where we can work on your song over live video in real time!
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